Stained Concrete
in North Dakota

Staining is an economical means of coloring new or existing concrete or overlays.

Acid stains color concrete by a chemical reaction between metallic salts and the hydrated lime in the concrete. The hydrochloric acid mildly etches the surface allowing the dissolved metallic salts to penetrate the concrete. Once the stain reacts it becomes a permanent part of the concrete and will not chip or peel.

Stain produces a deep translucent color that can't be produced by any other means. Because a chemical reaction causes the color, every inch of the floor accepts color differently producing a mottled effect instead of a solid color like paint.

Acid stains are a great way to revitalize dull concrete as long as the surface is sound.
Acid stains are available in earth tones, browns, tans, terra cotta, black and soft blue / greens.


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The company specializes in concrete, instilling inherent beauty and durability with concrete acid staining, decorative stamped concrete designs, concrete overlays and resurfacing, concrete countertops, as well as pouring new concrete, and cleaning, repairing and removing existing concrete.

Norwest Concrete is a well established local firm in North Dakota. Counties served are Ward, Williams, Mountrail, Renville, Mclean, Stark and Bottineau. Cities served include Minot, Stanley, Newtown, Williston and Dickinson.

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